Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This little girl narrowly escaped death on the Dallas streets

She was a young girl – just a teenager. She was pregnant, abandoned by her family, and all alone wandering the streets. She was scared, cold, and hungry.
And then she was picked up by Dallas Animal Services.  She gave birth to six puppies. Just when it seemed like she had found a safe and warm place, the Grim Reaper once again reared his ugly head. She and her newborn puppies were placed on the list to be euthanized. Their time of death was scheduled for noon on a Sunday.

DFW Rescue Me sent out an urgent plea. Wasn’t there anyone out there who would foster this sweet chocolate Lab mix and her six newborn pups? Yes, there was! A couple contacted DFW Rescue Me and asked them to pull her and her pups. There was a warm bed and a safe place for this mama and her pups to call home.
Aoife (ee-fuh) as she has come to be known on the Fitzpatrick farm, lost five of her puppies within just a few weeks. They were young, sickly, and born into conditions which no baby should ever have to be born into…but that’s life for far too many of our four-legged friends in this country.
In Irish mythology, Aoife is  the daughter of Airdgeimm, a warrior woman in the Ulster Cycle. And this Aoife definitely is a warrior. It appears that, prior to being picked up by Dallas Animal Services, she had lived in an abusive situation. Her back left leg appears to have been broken – by accident or on purpose is unclear – and it has never properly set.  In addition, Aoife has what appears to be a BB lodged in her left ear. The veterinarian who examined her advised against removing it for fear of causing more damage to her ear.
Despite all this, Aoife is one of the most loving and gentle canines a man (or woman) would ever want to call a best friend. Aoife recently suffered another life-threatening injury that almost cost her her life. She was found on the Fitzpatrick farm in a listless state, vomit coming out one end and diarrhea out the other. She was rushed to the veterinarian and a large amount of phosphorous was found in her system. After more than a week in the hospital, Aoife was good as new.

To say this little girl has overcome a lot in her short time on earth is an understatement. And the funny thing is, you would never know it. She is sweet, kind, a little timid, and as loving today as (probably) the day she was born. Aoife deserves a good life. She deserves to be pampered and to belong to a family who will care for her and make her part of their family.