Sunday, December 2, 2012

3 Marketing Trends for 2013


As 2012 draws to a close, businesses are looking ahead to the new year.

Looking ahead to 2013, there are several key marketing trends that should be on the radar of small businesses. Here are three trends small businesses should be aware of that will decidedly impact how people do business in 2013:
  • Person-to-person connection: With the growth of social media marketing, consumers increasingly have quicker and more personal access to companies. Regardless of technological advances, connecting with people is key to the future success of one's business. Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest will become the small business owner's best friend in reaching out to consumers, providing instant feedback, and delivering better customer service.
  • Mobile-friendly websites will be the new norm: 85% of mobile devices will be web-enabled by next year. Now more than ever, it is important to make sure your website is readable on a smartphone or other mobile device. Load time, readability, and images often show up differently on a smaller screen. If your website is less functional when viewed on a mobile device versus a regular PC or laptop, many mobile users will simply leave your site and you will lose a potential customer. Google notes that 60% of users expect a site to load on their smartphones or tablets in three seconds or less.

  • Visual content will become more desirable than written content: The Information Age is starting to take its toll on consumers who are bombarded with a multitude of direct mail, e-mail, and Internet advertisements. Less is more will be key in 2013. Moving forward, small businesses will need to think in terms of visual content and let the images tell the story and convey the message. Data visualization will become a renewed art form. One need look no further than Pinterest, a hybrid of Facebook and Google, to understand just exactly what the acronym K.I.S. means (Keep It Simple, by the way). Valuable content must include images, and filtering should be a central practice in order to help customers get what they need when they need it.
There is no doubt that as the millennial generation gets older and becomes an ever-increasing power in terms of spending dollars, businesses will need to adapt their marketing campaigns to suit the behaviors of these consumers. Millennials want to feel a connection to the companies with whom they do business. They also want to be able to access websites from their mobile devices and they want to see what they are buying before they buy it. Small businesses have an opportunity to capitalize on the marketing trends for 2013 by connecting with consumers in more personal and visual ways than in previous years.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading about the key marketing trends for 2013. I think that social media has been on the rise for quite some time but as emerging social media networks become more popular, such as Pinterest, organizations must find ways to interact with their target audiences via these platforms. Social media is a great way to build relationships with customers; it creates a sense of community instead of coming off as another sales pitch. When done right, social media creates conversation with customers who have given permission to be marketed to. Social media is something that customers must opt-in to when they ‘follow’ or ‘like’ a retailer. These are the best customers, they willingly want to hear from the retailer and engage in conversation.

    Regarding mobile-friendly websites, it is helpful to be reminded that as technology changes, we must assure that our websites are able to be viewed across multiple platforms. If it is not easily viewed on desktops, tablets, smartphones, etc. we cannot promote a product because the content is lost. Mobile-friendly websites should be a priority to organizations so that they can interact with their target audience.