Monday, June 24, 2013

Illegal immigration from a legal immigrant's point of view

America is a nation of legal immigrants and a nation of laws.

The following is an open letter regarding illegal immigration and S. 744 to Senator Ted Cruz, my representative, and all politicians.

Senator Cruz-

I am the wife of an Irish immigrant. My husband followed the U.S. immigration laws to legally immigrate to America. S. 744 is a slap in the face to legal immigrants who respected this country's laws and followed the process to legally live and work in this country. For ALL legal immigrants and U.S. citizens in this country, you must continue to oppose S. 744.

My husband and I met in January 2006. He was in Ireland and I was in Texas. For months, we corresponded via the Internet and phone. We developed a friendship that turned into a relationship. He visited me in March of 2006 for 10 days. We had an amazing time together. After his visit, we knew we were in love and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. He returned two weeks later and proposed.
Immigrants come to America from all countries.

We were separated for more than a year while following the immigration process. We both submitted to background and financial checks. My husband adhered to the USCIS' request for him to have (and pay for) a complete physical at a U.S.-designated clinic in Ireland.

Once he finally was granted permission to legally come to this country, we were married (July 2007). My husband applied for and had to wait SIX MONTHS to obtain a work authorization due to mistakes made by USCIS. Not once did we ask for any government assistance. I worked three jobs to support us while we waited for my husband's work authorization.

My husband will tell you the United States has the most lax immigration laws of any first-world country. As difficult and as long a process as it was to bring him to America, it is far more difficult to immigrate to such desirable countries as Australia, New Zealand, and England.

America does not need immigration reform. America needs attitude reform. We do not owe lawbreakers the opportunity to continue breaking our laws.

The free market did not create the illegal immigration problem.  Illegal immigration is a product of the black market. Just as illegal drugs and prostitution have been created by the black market, there are those in this country who always will be willing to exploit the system for their own financial gain. And, just as both drug dealers and drug buyers are arrested and charged with crimes, so must illegal immigrants and those that hire them be punished for their crimes.

America comprises hard-working people.

You and all other representatives must stop pandering to special interest groups and start enforcing the laws of this land to protect the citizens, their families, and this country from people who have no respect for the principles upon which this country was founded and only wish to do harm to the U.S. while serving their own self-interests.

For the sake of American citizens, for the sake of LEGAL immigrants, and for the sake of our future, I implore you to do the right thing - defeat this bill, send lawbreakers to jail, and secure our borders.

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